e.l.f Pakistan Review : Eyeliner, Concealer, Blush & Primer ✨✨

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This year I got the most beloved Valentine’s gift 💕from my beautiful and ever gorgeous sister , Laila♥️ For knowing me best , she send few goodies from el.f cosmetics Pakistan 🇵🇰  Eyes, Lips and Face , has been a famous drug store brand all around the world and its a great happiness to see its products being sold in Pakistani markets 😍


Therefore, today I will be sharing with you my views about the e.l.f cosmetics that I got and whether they are worth of buying or not🙅🏻

 🎀Cream Eyeliner 

Handling hooded eyes is not an easy job 😩and so I always had the issue when playing with gel , cream or cake eyeliners. I usually get a lot of questions by hooded eyed girls regarding how to avoid the eyeliner prints on upper lid. My only rescue answer had been by using the pencil or marker eyeliners with some cons😓The worst part of using marker eyeliners is that they become very pricy and dries in months😑 Finally e.l.f’s cream eyeliner is the ONLY eyeliner that I have found to be perfect for my eyes💯💯 It does not print upon and is jet black, dark giving the eyes a perfect look. I did not like the tiny applicator that comes with it 🙁so I try using BBAmna’s eyeliner brush to get the desired look😍


It only costs PKR.700 and trust me after using it , you won’t desire for any other eyeliner😎😎

🎀All Over Cover Stick (Spotlight)

It comes in a tiny container, just like a mini TV stick as a concealer. It smells like a candy 🍭 and the shade spotlight delivers itself in a very white tone. Having a fair skin tone it sets good on me but after applying it under my eyes I cover it up with my Bh Cosmetics setting powder 💦


It gives a nice natural look after usage , but I think I would not buy that again😕As it does not give a full coverage plus I am not a candy smell person😜It costs only PKR.450 , not a big deal , if attempted wrongly💁🏻

🎀Blushing Blush

To be honest , I totally did not like the blush as its totally not pigmented😐It comes in a very light pink shade and even fades off quickly. Its better to add more money and buy a blush on that goes off well. Secondly its packaging also did not go along well. The plastic lid took time to open but after several usage it stopped sticking hard to the pan😠


It costs around PKR.500 something but totally does not worth it😶

🎀Shadow Lock Eye Primer (sheer)

If you want to try an affordable primer then this can treat you at best✨It makes your eyelid look like a clean canvas on which you can play around with different colors. Not only this but it makes you eye makeup appearing fresh for hours💕


It costs around PKR.600 , that is super affordable and amazing♥️

You can free delivery of e.l.f Cosmetics Pakistan above the order of PKR.2000. Not only this but the website is flooded with so many different , new products that you cannot miss to try💁🏻💕

Thank  you for reading my post ♥️

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Ever wondered what is the most unnecessary step of our makeup routine💭❓ Yes you are right its wiping makeup off ‼️I have always talked about cosmetics its reviews , usage and so on but today cleansing makeup would be discussed✅ I have mostly observed that girls tend not to use makeup cleansing removers or wipes due to heavy price and the low end ones do not meet up the expectations. Therefore , today I would talk about the cleansing wipes that are not only good in quality but are also of a very low price ⚠️💯

tree house 1

💟Why Removing Makeup is important ? 

Makeup removal is as much essential as applying makeup💯 Cosmetics usually have oily substances and when applied the for the whole day , they start clogging the dirt. Therefore, makeup cleansing reduces the risk of developing pimples, blackheads, redness and from so many other skin related issues. With that it eliminates the dead skin when massaged deeply into the skin. Lastly but most importantly it allows your skin to breathe and keeps it hydrated💦

💟When to do it ?

Ideally, you must remove your makeup before going to bed🛌After using cleansing makeup wipes you must wash your face with a good cleansing wash and lastly toning it or applying a night skin care cream💆🏻

💟The best Cleansing Wipes ? 

This would probably be the question running in your mind. So , recently I came across a brand called “Tree House” promising healthy and skin friendly items. I fortunately got the makeup wipes and they worked amazingly💕

With just one swipe , you would observe clarity and smoothness in your skin☘️ It is super affordable in just PKR.300 approximately only 3 US$ with a packet of 25 wipes😻 It can easily run through the whole month and the wonderful quality. I clearly enjoyed the joy of fresh , evenly toned and moisturized skin by just usage of few days☺️💓

You can even check my Instagram post by clicking here and see how it works like a magic♥️♥️

tree house 2

💟Best Part :

The best part is experiencing the best quality of Pakistani🇵🇰 based product with a highly budget friendly cost. You can also get now a free makeup removal wipe with every order a coffee scrub available at their stores😍😍

How to order ? 📞☎️🛍

Tree House is super quick in response , so you can follow them at Instagram or order at their Facebook page  . Just for PKR.300 you would get super hydrating Makeup Wipes that would help your skin breathe the whole month with no worries 💌

Thank you for reading my review. Have a blessed week ahead🎀


Hello everyone 🙋🏻

I had been stressed with my exams but now I am free and ready to give you some good reads about the Cosmetic Products💁🏻💁🏻 As new year has started therefore , I wanted to take you to the glimpse of last year’s Top five makeup products , and here you go👇🏻👇🏻

♥️NARS Matte Complete Concealer

If you are still dreaming to get away from deep under eyes bags and circles than Nars is the best choice😻It’s a rich creamy concealer that is long lasting, blend able, in short no more black stains on your skin 🙌🏻


 ♥️ Maybelline Fit Me Powder

Maybelline has been coming out with such wonderful products that can easily be fit in the top ten. Its “Fit Me” powder melts into the skin and makes it look flawless. The best thing that its very affordable and you can easily get it from the local stores.


♥️ MORPHE 39A eye shadow Palette

How can we not discuss Morphe palettes? This plate has taken away millions of hearts by being strongly pigmented, an all rounded type of palette where you may find shades from light to neutral to dark shades. Morphe’s so much diversity deserves to be enlisted in top five of my list.

♥️ MAC extra dimension Blush

Blushes are basic makeup ingredient that every girl uses in her daily routine. Mac’s extra dimension Blush gives a very natural, glowy look making the skin go healthier. If you still searching for a blush, then here is it 👇🏻😻


♥️Juvia’s Place Eye Shadows Palette

These eye shadows palettes seemed to have given a hard time to even Moprhe’s due to being extra pigmented and for coming in various shades. They look amazing on eyes and have shades best suited for every skin tone🙀😍


Thank you for reading my post ! Have a blessed week ahead🤗