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Today I am super excited to share with you a wonderful story of a makeup stash💃🏻 Zainab Ali Khan a young makeup lover , made our beauty addiction much easier by launching her very own online store 😃😃A place where with a simple click you can get the product of your choice in only 2-3 working days ♥️♥️

I have been literally so impressed by her wonderful work that I could not resist to share her story with you all💟


The Makeup Stash Story🎀

As a young woman, I was never very fond of wearing a lot of makeup. I was a studious person who had aspirations in life of becoming someone successful so that’s where I focused my energies. I worked hard and did everything that was required of me to become a good daughter, a good mother and a good wife. Fortunately, I had a presentable face and was not too concerned about taking care of my looks. I always felt ‘special’ because of my mental capacity. I thought it was beautiful enough. Years passed and I achieved a basic level of success in my work life. Today, as a working woman and a mother, I still find myself running around, doing household chores, taking care of others, managing the challenges of a full-time job.  As soon as I crossed thirty, I started having strange thoughts about getting old. I was seriously scared. My skin wasn’t as smooth & shiny as before and I found out what large pores meant/ I had put on some weight and I had begun to feel very ‘ordinary’. My skin did not look or feel as fresh and my eyes almost always looked tired. I noticed those dark horrifying dark circles closely for the first time. It was devastating.

I was determined to do something about these challenges, I started searching for makeup and skincare products that would relieve me of the problems with my skin but soon realized that I did not know much about what items would help me since there were simply too many products out there and I just had never been that makeup person. I looked around and saw women posting photos on Facebook with amazing eye brows & glowing skin and honestly, grew insecure about myself. I hated going to the stores and looking through hundreds of items like a complete idiot not knowing which one to get. Besides, time was always of essence. I resorted to Facebook pages to look for guidelines but soon realized that almost all of them were as confusing as the departmental stores with hundreds of pictures and no real assurance that the products are actually genuine. I started doing my research was amazed to see how many product copies were out there. The word ‘fake’ always rang an alarming bell. Also, the time and energy I had to spend looking through those hundreds of photos in an album and then texting the sellers asking for prices, discounts and if the products were original and available in stock always put me off. Usually I got replies after hours or days after making an inquiry. I had begun to lose interest.

In the meanwhile, I moved to the USA for a couple of years and I was shocked. Yes, SHOCKED at the professionalism and their high quality services. I fell in love with online shopping. It just saved so much time, energy and money with their online deals. When I moved back to Pakistan, I always wished there was a place where I could buy my makeup and skincare products quickly and conveniently at good prices, without worrying whether those products were original or not and whether I’d have to wait for a month to get what I ordered. A place where I could seek advice from other women whether the usually expensive products that I was buying with my very hard earned money were actually worth their salt. I had never been the lucky woman who had an infinite amount of money to spend on products that were full of chemicals and did nothing for my skin. I couldn’t find any, or let’s say, many such places where I could search for good products quickly and easily at reasonable prices, know the features & ingredients of products, order instantly and expect a fast delivery. I had simple demands: a) Original products, b) Convenient ordering, c) Quick delivery, d) Reliable customer service. The combination was rare.

Hence, I thought of launching something of the sort myself. Makeup Stash was an idea that was born out of frustration. I spent months researching the market and looking for the best and most affordable skin care products. I then spent months preparing a website that is simple and straight forward and doesn’t push me into purchasing unnecessary stuff that I do not need.  I organized a delivery system that was fast and reliable and launched my web store and I was extremely amazed to see that most of my customers were working women. I realized that many women, like me have the same issue. We just do not have the time to spend it all researching and doing makeup. We need a safe place where we can share honest opinions and make suggestions to each other. Hence I created a group called Makeup Stash Mafia. So ladies, that’s my story. I hope I have brought some comfort in your lives through my store and since I have just launched, I highly value opinions and suggestions about how we can make this service better.

Is not it so inspiring ?😍 Move to her facebook group  Makeup stash Mafia.and her Instagram Handle to get original , affordable and in time products💯💯

You can also get 10% off on all of their product range by using my code : Xohamalik10 💥💥

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Product Review:Beautify by Amna’s Pro Makeup Brush Set✨

Eid Mubarak people🎉🎉🐂🐪🐑

I hope you would be having fun and delicious meat treats🌸 I  have also fortunately got a chance to review about the brush set ✨ that I recently got by Beautify By Amna


Its a Pakistani brand 🇵🇰that I truly suppose beats many brands internationally 👊🏻 I had previously reviewed and compared its beauty blender with that of Real Techniques one. If you have not read then here 👉🏻👉🏻Here You Go


While doing your make over you need to have essential beauty tools to paint up rightly✅The handy and high quality gives you the perfect application and therefore if you want your make over to go smooth then choosing a right brush set is essential💯💯


Beautify By Amna’s brush set comes in a wonderful golden shimmery clutch on which every girl’s heart can throb on😍😍 It is so intensely beautiful that makes your eyes sprinkle😻 On outside it just seems to be hand clutch but as soon as you open it , you get the eight amazing brushes with a golden and black body💕

Here is the list of Brushes by Amna and their purpose

🌟Eye Makeup Brushes


🌟Face Brushes 


From its body to application, I truly love them♥️ My favorite in all these brushes is that of eyeliner brush that has a delicate appearance and proves to be very handy while applying liner👁 I overall love the idea of bright shining clutch with the beautiful , elegant brushes👑If you want to have a complete brush set for daily use then you should definitely buy it 💯💯

Where to place its order ❓📞☎️

You can find this amazing brush set from their website i.e or from their Facebook Page ✅

Its on flat 50% off and so you can get your hands on it for only PKR.1,750🙀🙀🙀

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Battle of Eyeliners: Jesses Girl VS Rivaj Uk’s Liquid Eyeliner💥

Hey beautiful people 💫

Today’s post will be about another battle of cosmetics where I will be comparing the most commonly talked about Jesses Girl liquid waterproof eyeliner in black and our very own local cosmetic brand Rivaj Uk’s liquid eyeliner 💁🏻


🎀Note : My comparative post is not against or favor of any brand , rather just an honest review about my personal experience about the product


Jesses Girl’s liquid is commonly talked by youtubers and I had heard about it from Kathleen Lights and others who had praised the liner a lot due to its price and its comparison with Kat Von D’s eyeliner😳 As I am addicted to liquid eyeliners so I thought to give it a try 💁🏻It is really hard to find it in Pakistan but finally I managed to do so and after 3 days I got it in my mail🙂


I loved its body that is just like a silver luxurious pen with a calligraphy style brush to draw a nice thin line or even a gorgeous wing💕It has 5ml of product in it and its it body makes the work more easy✅

Unfortunately, I ain’t satisfied with its application. Its not the blackest black and you need to draw lines with multiple attempts to show off the color😫 It even does not stay on for long rather it disappears if you smudge your eyes and finally its price that made me spend PKR.1550 including delivery charges , is what now I can only cry upon😪

To cut long story short, this product is a huge disappointment😓


On the other hand, I bought Rivaj Uk’s liquid eyeliner recently. Its thin applicator helps a lot in application and it also proves to draw an epic wing😮It throws on more black color than the Jesses Girl though just like it does not stay on for too long🙄



👉🏻Jesses Girl gives a black color after multiple application while Rivaj Uk’s liner give it one go.

👉🏻Both does not stay on for long.

👉🏻Both are handy and are easy to use.

👉🏻Jesse’s Girl costed me PKR.1550 that makes US 15$ while Rivaj Uk only costs for around PKR.300.

👉🏻Both are waterproof

👉🏻Both have same quantity of product inside i.e 5ml

🤘🏻Final Verdict💥

I totally recommend Rivaj Uk’s liner over Jesses Girl due to its price and results✅

I hope you enjoyed reading my post♥️

Have a blessed day💕